Ippodromo Ghirlandina:
the facility

L'Ippodromo di Modena - since 1875

Hosting horse racing since 1875. An everlasting tradition for more than a century.

The Facility

Included in the top 6 racecourses in Italy in 2018, the Ippodromo Ghirlandina boasts a top tier facility at European level.

The Ippodromo Ghirlandina has a track covering a distance of 1000m and a vast area with 250 boxes.

An advanced night lightning system allowing a great view of all races at all times.

  • 280 HSB opticals of 2000W power and 6000K of temperature;
  • Rendition Em/Lux sectioned by 823Em/Lux up to 1.105Em/Lux;
  • Dual power supply system with Caterpillar generator of 400KVA.

For our viewers, the Ippodromo Ghirlandina provides:

  • Grandstand: 2400 covered seats;
  • Wide heated areas in private and betting areas;
  • Parterre for thousands of spectators;
  • Restaurant and Cafè.

Full HD Filming

With Full HD filming and Timing TAG Hauer, races at the Ippodromo Ghirlandina reach viewers all over the world.

  • More than 30 Full HD Channels.
  • Optical Fiber.
  • Symmetrical transfer speed up to 1000Mbps.
  • Up to 6 moving cameras (Autostarter, Camera Car, Drone ecc.)
  • TV and Social Live Stream (Facebook, Youtube ecc.)
  • Race time measuring every 200m in real-time graphic television.

Electronic Starting System

The electronic starting system was entirely financed and designed by Società Modenese.

  • Impartial start, removing human intervention;
  • Radiofrequency and laser detection system for start verification;
  • First test in 7 official races;
  • Practical and with low impact.

Races at the Ippodromo Ghirlandina start with absolute punctuality, thanks to a CountDown system that synchronizes all the areas of the Racecourse: changes to the start are only allowed in case of utmost necessity and executed by the personnel.

High Quality Streaming Transmission

Thanks to a high-quality streaming system, races at Ippodromo Ghirlandina are broadcasted at the highest quality for television distribution and all devices with internet access.

The service works by encoding live video streams in real-time, taking a larger-sized live video source and compressing it into smaller versions for distribution to final viewers.

  • Automatically manages all the scaling, failover, monitoring, and reporting needed to power a live video stream.
  • Streaming Video with the highest TV quality;
  • Automatic and fast monitor and management for the resolution of potential problems, with no interruption to live channels.

With dedicated API keys acquisition, you will be granted access to all the information regarding the overall betting system (i.e. horse number, driver name, betting odds). Access is given via dedicated credentials.


La stagione 2022 all’Ippodromo Ghirlandina partirà sabato 2 aprile.

Si concluderà a novembre 2022 con il Gran Premio Unione Europea.

Da non perdere la 3° edizione di Modena nel Cuore, prevista per domenica 15 maggio.

Races of September 7, 2021

1 PRIZE VALLE DEL CORDEVOLE – 1600m; € 8.800,00 (Cond-Prof) Indigeni and Europeans of 2 years old, not winners of € 3.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

2 PRIZE COL DI LANA – 2080/2100m; € 8.250,00 (Categorie-Prof) (NASTRI) Indigeni and Foreign of 5 years and more. (International Race).

Category E m.2080 Category D m.2100 Category C m.2100

3 PRIZE CAPPELLO DI NAPOLEONE – 1600m; € 5.500,00 (Cond-Prof) Indigeni and Foreign of 3 years old, winning from € 2.000,00 to € 10.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

4 PRIZE CRODA ROSSA D’AMPEZZO – 1600m; € 5.500,00 (Cond-Prof) Female Indigene and Europeans of 3 years old, not winners of € 4.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

5 PRIZE PASSO FALZAREGO – 1600m; € 4.620,00 (Cond-Prof) Indigeni and Foreign of 4 years, winning between € 3.000,00 to € 18.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

6 PRIZE PASSO TRE CROCI – 1600m € 4.180,00 (Cond-Gentlemen) Indigeni and Europeans of 6 and 6 years old, not winners of € 25.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

7 PRIZE COL SANT’ANGELO – 1600m € 2.860,00 (Categoria-Prof) Indigeni and Europeans of 5 years and more. Category G (international race)

Races of September 11, 2021

1 PRIZE LAGO DI BRAIES – 1600m; € 7.700,00 (Maiden-Prof) Indigeni and Europeans not winners of a race in their career. (International Race).

2 PRIZE LAGO DI TOVEL – 1600m; € 7.150,00 (Cond-Prof) Indigeni and Foreign of 3 years, winning from € 4.000,00 to € 26.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

3 PRIZE LAGO DI ALLEGHE – 1600m; € 5.500,00 (Cond-Prof) Indigeni and Europeans of 3 years old not winners of € 3.500,00 in their career. (International Race)

4 PRIZE LAGO DI BARCIS – 2080/2100m; € 4.840,00 (Categoria-Prof) (NASTRI) Indigeni and Foreign of 5 years and more. (International Race).

Category G m.2080 / Category F m.2100/ Category E m.2100

5 PRIZE LAGO DI MIS – 1600m; € 3.850,00 (Reclamare-Prof) Indigeni of 4 years to claim € 8.000,00.

6 PRIZE LAGO DI CAREZZA – 1600m; € 3.850,00 (Cond-Prof) Female Indigene and Europeans of 4 years not winners of € 12.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

7 PRIZE LAGO DI FEDAIA – 1600m; € 3.850,00 (Reclamare-Gentlemen) Indigeni of 5 years to claim € 6.000,00. GENTLEMEN FOR LIFE –


Gentlemen joining shall donate at least €10,00, to be given before the entry of the horses to the tracks.

Races of September 18, 2021

1 PRIZE ALTOPIANO IBLEO – 2080/2100m; € 7.370,00 (Prof- Cond)(NASTRI) Indigeni and Foreign of 4 years winning between € 5.000,00 and € 38.000,00 in their career.

Penalty set to mt.20 to horses winning of € 20.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

2 PRIZE MONTE ETNA – 1600m; € 5.500,00 (Gentlemen-Prof) Indigeni and Foreign of 3 years not winners of € 6.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

3 PRIZE MONTI PELORITANI – 1600m; € 5.500,00 (Reclamare-Prof) Indigeni of 3 years to claim € 8.000,00.

4 PRIZE VALLE DEL BOVE – 1600m; € 5.060,00 (Cond-Prof) Indigeni and Foreign of 5 and 6 years not winners of € 35.000,00 in their career. (International Race).

5 PRIZE MONGIBELLO – 1600m; € 4.840,00 (Categoria-Amazzoni) Indigeni and Foreign of 5 years and more. Category F m.1600/Category E m.1600 (international race)


6 PRIZE RUPE DI ACI CASTELLO – METRI 1600 € 3.850,00 (Cond-Prof) indigeni and Europeans of 4 years, not winners of € 8.000,00 in their career. (International Race)

7 PRIZE MONTE CALANNA – 1600m; € 2.860,00 (Categoria-Prof) Indigeni and European of 5 years and more. Category G (international race)

The European Union Grand Prix - November 21, 2021.

The main event of the season at the Ippodromo Ghirlandina, the European Union Grand Prix gathers the best riders from all Europe.

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